Christmas Detox

28 Dec

Christmas went a lot quicker than it came. This year was very different for me because I didn’t spend it with my family from L.A. I struggled a lot with this and poor G had to be my biggest support through it all; poor guy… We grew up soo differently and our outlook on life is extremely different. We balance each other out really well through it all.

Today feels like my first official day off. Up until yesterday, we were in full Christmas mode: running errands, xmas shopping in two days, cleaning house, etc., as I’m positive everyone else was. Now that Christmas is over, I’m really looking forward to organizing our house and redecorating our living room. We did a great job with our bedroom and my closet but never fully finished it. I really need to focus on the living room and our office. G needs to focus on our home gym and his closet, too. I’m hoping to get everything done in the next three days although I really don’t know how realistic that is; we’ll see!

After all the craziness of Christmas, I realized that sometimes it’s good to put yourself first. I was surprised by how many people we know seemed to be so wrapped up in the stress holidays can bring, that they completely missed what it’s all really about. I was also shocked by the lack of appreciation that is expressed. I never, ever give to receive, but I, unfortunately, noticed that some forget to show gratitude or were just too busy to do so. No one needs a parade of ‘thank you’ banners but, heck, don’t expect and don’t make us feel like we’re inconveniencing. Idk, perhaps we misinterpreted or everyone was so busy that it was obviously not intentional…I am obviously digressing. Anyway, today I took the advice of one of my homegrrls and decided I would have some “me” time. I laid in bed for as long as I could stand. I hung out online (lol). I worked out heavily. I made myself a healthy breakfast smoothie. Then I took a detox bath! I’ve never taken one before and it was pretty incredible. I blasted Sublime from my computer until it died then resorted to Sublime on Pandora on my phone. I realized I am not very good at relaxing but I forced myself to float there. My skin felt so soft. & I am one step closer to getting comfortable with relaxing.

I ❤ tutu's

I looked up some recipes prior to jumping in and then just picked and chose what sounded best. I didn’t use any measurements that I found, just went with it and it was incredible.

Detox Bath

1. Fill your tub with hot hot water.

2. Add 1/2 cup of fresh grated ginger.

3. Add 1 cup (or more) of apple cider vinegar.

4. Soak for 30 minutes and [I read somewhere that the ACV is good for your hair so I dipped my head in for a little bit before] finishing off with a brown sugar scrub. Rinse and shower as usual. Enjoy your super soft skin and drink lots of H20!

When I made the brown sugar scrub, I did the same thing as I did with the detox bath- I found tons of recipes, and when I started actually doing it, I kinda did my own thing.

Super Easy Body Scrub Recipe

1. In a bowl, mix 1 cup of brown sugar, enough EVOO to reach your desired texture and consistency (if measuring is your thing, I would say 1/4 cup), some honey (about 2 tablespoons), some cinnamon (1 tbsp), some vanilla (1 tsp)  and a bit of sea salt (1 tsp). (I read somewhere that it acts as a natural preservative). Stir well and store in an airtight container.

*Technically, you can add/omit whatever you want. Scents, lemon- which I meant to add but forgot, etc.

It looks really pretty in a mason jar but I just put mine in a plastic tiny tupperware because I’m so clumsy, I could already see it dropping and shattering in my tub. I also read that it’s not good to get water in it so when you scoop it out, use either dry hands and don’t double-dip, or use something like a stirrer, spoon, etc.

It’s almost 6pm and I’m typing this in bed, in a bathrobe. Learning to love myself more and attempting to relax. :]

I’ll end my post with a reflection of my amazing blessings this last week:

1. Planning a bridal shower and bachelorette party for my dear friend, Kelly, who relocated to Iowa today :/  It doesn’t seem real, at all. Talk about stress the week of Christmas while you’re still working up to the day of the events. I had 48 hours to get it together and I honestly, loved the craziness and stress of it all. I work much better under pressure than when I have time. & albeit, wishing it was at a later date, I couldn’t have been more honored to do this for her. She loved it and that’s all that mattered to me! Love her so much!

Bridal Shower

2. That same day, my amazing Squirrel and her fabulous Sophia surprised me. I couldn’t believe it. I swear, the handful of amazing friends I have are out of this world! They have gone above and beyond to make me feel loved, appreciate and plain ol’ special. I couldn’t believe that they changed their already paid flights to DRIVE from Austin, Texas, just so they could spend a day with me. It was absolutely priceless and amazing. I couldn’t be happier and more blessed.

Hiking Telegraph Pass with Christmas Cheer

3. On Christmas Eve, we invited our dear friends over for Christmas dinner. It was such a fun evening. I cooked our traditional Puerto Rican dinner and even made Coquito for the first time. It tasted like it came straight off the island! I was so excited. They have a 2 year old son and it was hilarious fun to watch him enjoy and begin to understand Christmas. G and I felt beyond blessed having them there.

Coquito; Arroz con Habichuelas, tostones y aguacate!

The Cheatwoods & The Montgomerys

4. We have a lot of friends who have kids and even though we know it’s not necessary, we absolutely love getting them gifts for Christmas. We got to witness so many of them open up their gifts from us, and their excitement made us so happy [Thank you, Becca for letting us spend special time with Ri & Aido on Christmas Eve; it meant a lot to us! <3]. I think a lot of has to do with the many times we didn’t have much to open growing up (my sisters and I), that it gives me so much happiness to be able to give as an adult. & we love our friend’s kids so much that it makes us happy and imagine what life with our own kids would be like. Thank you to all of our loved ones who thought of us during this holiday season! So sweet, and so thoughtful! ❤

Girls' gifts; guy's gifts

5. Honey Munster’s birthday is on December 25th. We had a stocking full of awesome goodies for her and we had SO much fun watching her go through everything. She literally stuck her head in her stocking and pulled out things and then would try to carry them in her mouth. She had a blast! We even got to take her to the dog park yesterday- well, Geoff did, I stood on the outside gate, lol- dogs still scare me!

Honey Munster is so rad!

6. Spending my first Christmas as a Montgomery. I volunteered to bring breakfast and everyone loved it- I was so relieved. It was just nice. I think my favorite memory this year was when we were having Christmas dinner at Gma Loy’s and we kept telling stories back and forth and none of us could stop laughing. We all had tears in our eyes from so much laughter. It seriously was one of my favorite moments with my M family! ❤

7. Two of our best friends got engaged right before Christmas. It was so amazing to see the joy that exuded E and B as they begin the next stage of their relationship. We couldn’t feel more excited for them! Yay! ❤

8. All the love from my family and friends. All the hugs, the thoughtfulness, the showing of gratitude, friendship, texts, phone calls…I suppose I’m just THAT easy to please. I love it all. ❤

9. The fact that my husband is alive and well. Nothing at all beats that. ❤

10. My life is full of blessings. Yes, times get tough and challenging, and some days are better than others but overall I have more blessings than sorrows everyday! :]

Lately, whenever I feel overwhelmed with issues/problems, I google or pinterest search “first world problems,” and LAUGH at how hilarious I/we can be! A little perspective whips me back into shape! :]

Looking forward to reuniting with my L.A. familia this upcoming weekend for NYE! ❤

NYE 2009- This year Isa & Jake will be there!!! We'll be missing our Squirrel!!!

P.S. Did I mention that Jillian Michael’s “Extreme Shred and Shed” is intense when you do both levels back to back?! Eek! I also heard that she is adopting a little girl at the beginning on 2012. So exciting! See? Blessings everywhere!


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    Good for you on the pampering yourself part! Can’t wait to bring in the New Year with you 🙂

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